Tips for Winter Feeding of Your Horses  
  • Feed more hay..........  substitute two pounds of hay for every pound of grain you decrease in the horse’s daily ration to keep your horse warmer
  • Encourage water consumption by offering warm water, or use insulated or heated buckets to keep water at a higher temperature (ideal water temperature is 45 to 65º F), to reduce incidence of impaction colic
  • Add salt, mineral supplement or electrolytes to the feed to increase water consumption and reduce impaction colic risk
  • Turn the horse out as much as possible, or provide adequate exercise to aid gut motility and prevent colic
  • Feed hay off the ground or position the hay net below the horse’s head to aid in nasal and lung drainage and lessen incidence of respiratory problems
  • Use a weight tape every 30-60 days to gauge your horses body condition

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